Photo Gallery

The PWV photos below from the 50ies and 60ies are courtesy of The City of New York Museum collection.  Per their reproduction right disclaimer, I am using these photos for non-commercial, educational use only.  The link will take you to the page within The City of New York Museum web site where these photos were taken from. 



In an effort to keep us relevant with today’s new technology, you can now follow “PWCLIST” photographs on our new INSTAGRAM site! Our Instagram user name is “PWCLIST”. Click on the link below to view!


Currently there are just a few photographs posted so we need more photograph entries. If you have photographs you would like to post on the PWCLIST INSTAGRAM web site, please send them to me by e mail to

Please say POST ON PWCLIST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT in the body or subject line. All appropriate photos will be posted for everyone to see.

New, current or old, historical photos, past and present are all welcome!